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"Dado produces exceptionally high quality code extremely quickly."
- Tim, Senior Technical Product Manager @ Petlab
In your timezone. The UK and South Africa are 1 hour apart.
We speak your language. So nothing gets lost in translation.
Ridiculously affordable. You can thank the exchange rate for that.

A tech team with personality

The UK's fastest growing e-commerce brands outsource their frontend work to Dado

Your system is getting bigger, but your team isn't growing quite as fast because hiring is expensive and time consuming. We've built a team of talented, smart JavaScript developers who you can tap into full time, without the hiring risk. No employee admin, no recruitment costs.
Passionate, smart people
Tested, clean code
Great rates (you can thank the exchange rate for that)
Trusted by the UK's fastest growing e-commerce brands including:

Growth without the pain

Monthly active users across the platforms we work on.
Monthly revenue through our clients' ecommerce businesses.
Your expected savings vs. hiring in-house.
14 days
Time to onboard a new JavaScript developer from Dado

Is outsourcing development right for my company?

There are some obvious benefits to outsourcing development to a low cost of living country, including lower costs and lower risks.

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Average rating of 4.89/5 on Trustpilot

Developers you love to work with.

"Dado developers are incredibly hard working, knowledgable and all around great to work with. I have the pleasure of working with four Dado developers and they deliver projects with an exceptionally high quality of code extremely quickly. Besides their great aptitude at delivering scalable software projects, they are always good for a laugh in the workplace."

Tim Dommett
Senior Technical Product Manager, Petlab

"Dado's service and attention to detail has been nothing short of superb in every way. The team has been extremely hands on and are constantly adding value to the business with their out of box thinking and willingness to go above and beyond in solving our technical hurdles."

Gia Kramer
Founder, Gia's Kitchen

Beautiful Aesthetic

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Diverse Team

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Smart Icons

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Great UI Kit

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Outsourcing developers doesn't have to be a risky

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You just found a frontend developer goldmine.

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