The Opportunity

A strong value proposition

Grid Data Management have several great products with super strong value propositions - but their previous site failed to communicate all of these products.

The Solution

A look into our process

Our discovery team spent days studying their business and identified that their products are all so uniquely valuable that they all deserve their own micro-site.  Having a micro-site for each product allowed us to use the landing page to emphasise Grid’s broad value proposition - saving time and money.

A modern, colourful display.

Brought together by a strong use of brand elements such as lines and circles, each product has their own identity and their own colour palette.

The site has been invaluable

The easiest way to explain this is with a before and after story. I sat with a Managing Director of a consulting group. He like what we did but didn’t really understand the moving parts. I took him through the website and his response was “wow, that is big”.

Chris Nel
Director of Grid Data Management

Human stuff

We tried over 50 shades of green for the landing page. We had to work within the existing brand colours and balance them with our vision for a more techy, lighter green. We think we might have found the best green out there. But we’d love to be proven wrong!
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