The Opportunity

20K+ Instagram followers

An engaged audience that were so passionate about the Pretty Casual brand that  they were buying clothing despite the friction of Instagram sales.

The Solution

An e-commerce platform that makes scaling the Pretty Casual sales and distribution easy and systematised.

Removing friction from the sales pipeline

Some e-commerce sites overcomplicate the journey and confuse their users. Pretty Casual is a happy, comfortable, and likeable brand. Let’s use first principles to build a clean, simple, user journey, stripped of popups and noise.

Simple with personality

Minimalism doesn’t always have to cost you a great look and feel. We used soft colours and emphasised the content to make the brand shine through, without distracting the user.

Playful typography

Making use of the hand-written style core to the Pretty Casual logo (which we inherited), is something that brings each page together. Something we try to do consistently, is consistency.

Conversion optimised

Each click separating the user from checking out loses you money. This is a fluff-free landing page. The second element you see is a product which means no distractions and more sales.

It has allowed me to reach customers all around the country

It’s made it so easy for people to see what’s available without having to come to Cape Town and see it in person. I also believe it truly depicts the message the brand is trying to send - happy, colourful and comfortable.

Jess Katz
Founder of Pretty Casual

Human stuff

Jess, the founder, uses a smiley face in every message she sends us. To say thanks for the positivity, we started a competition in the office to see who can do the quickest content updates for Pretty Casual. Our quickest turnaround time to date is 4 minutes. With testing.
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